Selected Papers: Geotechnical Engineering Practice: High Risk Large Projects


Capacity Versus Deformation Analysis for Design of Footings and Piled Foundations
by Bengt H. Fellenius
Piled Raft Foundations for Tall Buildings
by H.G. Poulos, J.C. Small, H. Chow

2013 – 2014

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Structures for Railways: Twenty Five Year Experiences in Japan
by F. Tatsuoka, M. Tateyama, J. Koseki and T. Yonezawa
Challenging Construction Projects Related to Urban Tunnels
by R. Katzenbach and S. Leppla
Deep Mixing Method in Japan
by Masaki Kitazume
Deep Foundation Systems for High-Rise Buildings in Difficult Soil Conditions
by R. Katzenbach and S. Leppla


Soil Mechanics at Emmanuel College – Elegant, Rigorous and Relevant
by J. Burland
Under excavating the Tower of Pisa: Back to Future
by J. B. Burland, M. B. Jamiolkowski and C. Viggiani


State-of-the-Art of the Tunnel Maintenance in Taiwan and Challenges to Sustainable Development
by Ya-Chu Chiu, Tai-Tien Wang and Tsan-Hwei Huang
Assessment of Hard Rock Tunnel Stability: A Note on the Influence of Post-peak Strength Degradation
by F.Y. Hsiao, H.C. Kao and S.Y. Chi
Deep Excavations in Taipei Basin and Performance of Diaphragm Walls
by R. N. Hwang, C. H. Wang, C. R. Chou and L. W. Wong
Design and Construction of InJe Tunnel, the Longest Road Tunnel of Korea
by S. M. Cho, S. D. Lee, and Y. J. Kwon
Wide Storage Tanks on Piled Foundations
by Bengt H. Fellenius and Mauricio Ochoa
Settlement Management for Urban Tunnels: An Example from France
by Alain Guilloux and Hervé Le Bissonnais