SEAGS-AGSSEA Journal – June 2024

Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA 

Vol. 55 No. 2 June 2024 ISSN 0046-5828

Sponsored by: Asian Institute of Technology

Contents and Abstracts

Influence of Initial Water Content and Water-to-Cement-Ratio on the Strength and Suction Characteristics of Cement-Stabilized Sediments from Drainage Canal
By T. Thongdetsri, S. Nontananandh, N. Khumsuprom, S. Youdee, A. Jotisankasa, and S. Inazumi

Updating the Background Seismicity Catalog in the Surabaya Area using USGS PSHA with a 2475-Year Return Period Study
By P. W. Santoso, A. Rachmansyah, E. A. Suryo, and A. J. Syahbana

Optimizing Soil Characterization with Automated Pressuremeter Software Integration for the Pencel Pressuremeter in In-situ Testing
By F. Messaoud, M. S. Nouaouria, and P. J. Cosentino

Test Equipment and Application of Gas Permeation Characteristic of MSW
By G. Zeng and D. Hu

Mechanical Properties of Soft Clay Soil Improved with Nanomaterials and Chitosan Biopolymer
By D. A. Firmansyah, A. K. Somantri, A. V. R. Sihombing, L. Z. Mase, and A. Sundara

A Systematic Review on Slope Stability and Deformation Analysis Subjected to Rainfall and Earthquake
By P. P. Boruah, J. T., A. C., and A. K. Anshu