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  1. SEAGS-AGSSEA Folders

  2. AIT Related Materials

  3. Griffith University

  4. Prof. Bala: Summary Folders

  5. International Society ISSMGE-IAEG-ISRM Matters etc.

  6. Short Courses at Griffith University, 2005 to 2010: Lecture Notes in pdf. form – Continuing Education – Assembled from Authoritative Contributions by Paul Mayne of his extensive work, de Groot and Tom Lunne from their Course at Griffith University: Material used for Educational Purposes

  7. Other Leading Universities: Cambridge University

  8. Selected Photos: AIT-SEAGS-AGSSEA

    1. AIT-1
    2. AIT-2
    3. AIT-3
    4. From KL SEAGC-AGSSEAC, May 2016
  9. From Professor Bala’s archive

  10. Link to Journal Articles