SEAGS-AGSSEA Journal – September 2021


Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA
Vol. 52 No. 3 September 2021 ISSN 0046-5828

Sponsored by: Asian Institute of Technology
Contents and Abstracts

Influence of Microbial Activities in Reducing Erodibility of Sand pp 1-7
by S. Datta and D. Roy

Effective Treatment Technique for Producing A Highly Pozzolanic Clay in a Construction Work pp 8-11
by A. Poowancum, P. Kotkhangphlu, and J. Ayawanna

Estimating Hydraulic Conductivity Assisted with Numerical Analysis for Unsaturated Soil – A Case Study pp 12-19
by Md Rajibul Karim, David Hughes, and Md Mizanur Rahman

Development of a Stress-Strain Path Controlled Triaxial Apparatus to Understand the Behaviour of Silty Sand pp 20-28
by A. T. M. Z. Rabbi, M. M. Rahman, K. Mills, and D. A. Cameron

Laboratory Investigations on the Shear Behaviour of Sand-Tyre Derived Aggregate Mixtures pp 29-32
by J.S. Vinod, M. Neaz Sheikh, Soledad Mashiri, and Dean Mastello

Stress-Strain and Deformation Characteristics of an Unsaturated Soil-Cement Interface under Different Overburden Stresses and Grouting Pressures  pp 33-41
by M. A. Hossain and J. H. Yin

Influence of the Sample Preparation on the Mechanical Characteristics of Hostun Sand pp 42-50
by Q. Gu, D. König, and M. Goudarzy

Piled Raft on Sandy Soil – An Observational Study pp 51-65
by V. Balakumar, Min. J. Huang, Erwin Oh, Nilan S. Jayasiri, Richard Hwang, and A. S. Balasubramaniam

Lateritic Soil Stabilization by Addition of Steel Slags pp 66-69
by S. Chaiyaput and J. Ayawanna