Mr. Y. Y. Tseng

Mr. Tseng was the first of 120 engineers who attended AIT through sponsorship of the Retired Servicemen Engineering Agency (“RSEA”) of Chinese Taipei. Mr. Tseng returned to the agency at a time in which the agency was participating in the rapid development of Chinese Taipei’s infrastructure and resources. Mr. Tseng became Chief Engineer and Vice President, subsequently being elevated to President (1991-99). Mr. Tseng was also in charge of the RSEA’s overseas business expansion, with offices in North America, the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and the South Pacific Ocean. During his tenure at the Agency, Mr. Tseng led the firm to be listed among the world’s top 500 ranked by the Engineering News Record magazine. At this time the Agency became a mega construction firm with a staggering annual turnover of over US$1 billion. Mr. Tseng has supported AIT continually since his graduation by encouraging sponsorship of scholarships, serving as Chairman of the national chapter of the AIT Alumni Association and serving as an AIT Trustee, the first alumni to have held that position.

Mr. Hoow Kiong Ooi

Mr. Ooi graduated from IIT Bombay (1976) with B Tech in Civil Engineering and AIT Bangkok (1978) with Master of Eng. in Soil Engineering. Upon graduation he returned to Malaysia where he started off his career as a Geotechnical Engineer for Consultant Firm and Malaysia Mining Corporation. He then freelanced for a while before establishing and managing a Specialist Geotechnical Contracting firm in 1984. He retired in 2013 and is currently residing in New Zealand.

Mr. June Soun Chen

Mr. Zue Min Hwang
Asia World Engineering & Construction Co.

Mr. June Soun Chen
R.O.C. Chapter of Alumni

Dr. Seung Ryull Kim
President & CEO
ESCO Consultant & Engineers Company Ltd.
South Korea