About Us

The Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society (SEAGS) was founded in 1967 by Dr. Za-Chieh Moh as a regional society to cover Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other societies in Asia at that time where no National Society existed. It has now a membership of over 200. Its members are very active in soil mechanics and foundation engineering, engineering geology, rock mechanics geoenvironmental engineering, and geosynthetic engineering.

SEAGS-AGSSEA Partnership


The Association of Geotechnical Societies in SouthEast Asia (AGSSEA) is an enlarged Society of SEAGS and promoted by SEAGS to bring all National Societies of SE Asia under one umbrella. The objectives of the Association shall be the promotion of co-operation among geotechnical societies in SE Asia; and the assistance to member societies who have limited number of members.

SEAGS and the Asian Institute of Technology


From the very inception of the Society, the Secretariat has been located at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangkok where much of the geotechnical engineering research in Thailand has been conducted.

International Affiliations

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SEAGS is affiliated with the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the International Association of Engineering Geology (IAEG), and the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM).

The President & past Presidents of the Society

seags-collageDr. Za-Chieh Moh (1967 – 1973)
Prof. Chin Fung Kee (1973 – 1975)
Prof. Peter Lumb (1975 – 1977)
Dr. Tan Swan Beng (1977 – 1980)
Dr. E. W. Brand (1980 – 1983)
Dr. Ting Wei Hui (1983 – 1985)
Prof. A. S. Balasubramaniam (1985 – 1987)
Prof. Seng Lip Lee (1987 – 1990)
Dr. Chin Der Ou (1990 – 1993)
Dr. Ooi Teik Aun (1993 – 1996)
Dr. Surachat Sambhandharaksa (1996 – 1998)
Dr. John C.C. Li (1998 – 2001)
Prof. Kwet Yew Yong (2001 – 2007)
Dr. Chung Tien Chin(2007 – 2010)
Dr. Ooi Teik Aun (2010 – 2013, 2013 – 2016)
Dr. Noppadol Phienwej (2016 – 2019)

The Secretary General & past Secretary-General of the Society

Dr. Robert Mackey (1967 – 1970)
Dr. John Nelson (1970 – 1973)
Prof. A.S. Balasubramaniam (1972 – 2000)
Prof. D.T. Bergado (2000 – 2013)
Dr. Noppadol Phienwej (2013- present)