SEAGS-AGSSEA Journal – June 2021

Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA
Vol. 52 No. 2 June 2021 ISSN 0046-5828

Sponsored by: Asian Institute of Technology
Contents and Abstracts

The Effect of Compaction Effort on Shear Strength Parameters of Low/High Plasticity Clay Soils pp 1-8
by M. Yamin, M. F. Attom, S. Atabay, and R. Vandanapu 

Using a Stochastic Model to Study the Ground Motion of Comprehensive Subsurface Structure pp 9-16
by C. H. Hsu, S. J. Chao, S. G. Chern, and H. Hwang

The Effect of the Inclined Core of the Earth Fill Dam on the Settlement Rate pp 17-23
by A. M. Ghaemi, B. K. Ahangari, C. A. Noorzad, and D. K. Goshtasbi

The Boundary Condition of a 3D Continuum Model for a Quasi 2D Plane Strain Condition pp 24-30
by S. Chaiyaput and M. Sugimoto

3D Evaluation of PWP Development Due to Tunnel Excavation in an Over Consolidated Clay pp 31-38
by D. L. Vettorello, F. A. M. Marinho, and P. D. G. Orlando

Seismic Behaviour of Complex H-Shaped Buried Structures pp 39-47
by B. Salehi, A. Bahmanpour, and M. Derakhshandi

Settlement’s Prediction of Piles in Tropical Soil pp 48-55
by P. H. L. Bezerra, A. S. Moura, F. C. da Silva Filho, F. V. C. G. Filho, and E. Cerqueira Junior

Cyclic Resistance of High Plasticity North Java Clays and Silt pp 56-62
by E. Rismantojo, E. Ginting, and M. Ochoa

Durability of Erosion Control Geomesh of Paddy by ‘Accelerated Biodegradation Test’ pp 63-68
by S. Halkude and R. Katdare

Stability Analysis of an Overall Failure Excavation Case in Hang Zhou pp 69-71
by T. N. Do