18SEAGC & 1AGSSEAC (29-31 May 2013 Singapore)


Photo taken after General meeting of members of SEAGS at the 18SEAGC & 1AGSSEAC event

The 18th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference (18SEAGC) and the Inaugural Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia Conference (1AGSSEAC) was held in Singapore from 29 – 31 May 2013. The theme of the conference is “Challenges in Sustainable Geotechnical Infrastructures”. It is organized by the Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS) under the auspices of SEAGS and AGSSEA. The organizing chairman is Prof. C F Leung.

There was a Young Geotechnical Engineers’ session (YSEAGC). It was held one day prior to the main conference on 28th May 2013 at the National University of Singapore. They then joined the main conference on 29 – 31 May, 2013 at a leading hotel within the vicinity of National University of Singapore.

Report on 18SEAGC & 1AGSSEAC — 29-31 May 2013, Singapore

by Dr. Ooi Teik Aun, President SEAGS – June 1, 2013

(Source: SEAGS & AGSSEA Newsletter – August 2013)


SEAGS & AGSSEA Council Meetings in progress at the 18SEAGC & 1AGSSEAC

The 18SEAGC & 1AGSSEAC was successfully held on 29 – 31 May 2013 in Singapore with more than 350 participants. The conference was organized by the Geotechnical Society of Singapore (GeoSS) under the auspices of the Southeast Asian Geotechnical Society (SEAGS) and the Association of Geotechnical Societies in Southeast Asia (AGSSEA) and co-organized by the Society for Rock Mechanics & Engineering Geology (Singapore) (SRMEG) and supported by the SIMSG and ISSMGE. The Organizing Chairman Prof C F Leung with S H Goh as Secretary and R F Shen as Treasurer and other committee members did an excellent job to bring about a very successful conference.

There were 7 Keynote Lectures namely:

Keynote 1 (ZC Moh Lecture) “Use of Numerical Analysis with Eurocode 7” delivered by Prof. Brian Simpson.
Keynote 2 (Chin Fung Kee Lecture) “Drafting a National Annex to Eurocode 7 – The Malaysia Experience” delivered by Mr. Tan Yang Kheng.
Keynote 3 (S L Lee Lecture) “Is Site Investigation an Investment or Expense? – A Reliability Perspective” delivered by Prof. K K Phoon.
Keynote 4 “Study of Negative Skin Friction on Pile Subject to Surcharge and Ground Subsidence” delivered by Dr. S M Woo.
Keynote 5 “Strength and Durability of Calcium Carbide Residue Stabilized Clay in Pavement Applications” delivered by Prof. S Horpibulsuk.
Keynote 6 “Spatial Variations in Groundwater Response. During Deep Tunnelling” delivered by Dr. L J Endicott.
Keynote 7 “The Application of Ground Improvement Techniques in Indonesia” delivered by T L Gouw.


Dr. Ooi Teik Aun, President SEAGS delivering his welcome message

The 3-day conference also attracted 145 technical papers which were all presented by the presenters in parallel sessions. Hard bound and soft copies of the proceedings of over 1000 pages were produced and given to the participants.

The conference was made possible by the generous financial support of the sponsors and exhibitors. Their efforts to make this conference a success are greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

To the participants, I thank you for your support and I have no doubt that you have greatly benefited from the exchange of ideas during the conference.

In conjunction with the conference, the respective council meetings of SEAGS & AGSSEA and the General meeting of SEAGS members were also held.

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