Symposia and courses (1977 – 2010)

In addition to the regular Society conferences, symposia and courses, a number of interesting topics have been organized by AIT in association with the Society. These symposia have now become very popular because of their direct relevance and usefulness to practicing engineers.

A list of these symposia is given below:

1. International Symposium on Soft Clay in 1977
2. Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Highway Engineering in 1979
3. International Conference on Engineering for Protection from Natural Disasters in January 1980
4. International Symposium on Large Dams in December 1980
5. Symposium on Modern Developments in Underground Works in May 1981
6. Symposium and Short Course on Coastal and Offshore Structures in December 1981
7. Symposium and Short Course on Soil and Rock Improvements in November-December 1982
8. Symposium and Short Course on Laboratory and Field Tests and Analysis of Geotechnical Problems in December 1983
9. Symposium and Specialty Session on Mass and Material Transportation in December 1984.
10. Environmental Geotechnics and Problematic Soils and Rocks (1985)
11. Computer Aided Design and Physical Modelling Using Centrifuge (1986)
12. Ninth Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference (1987)
13. Restoration and Maintenance of Infrastructures and Historical Monuments (1988)
14. Developments in Laboratory and Field Tests in Geotechnical Engineering Practice (1989)
15. Embankments, Excavations and Buried Structures (1990)
16. First Asian Young Geotechnical Conference(1991)
17. Ninth Asian Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (1991)
18. Symposium on Prediction Versus Performance and Workshops on Computer Applications and Ground Improvements (1992)
19. International Short Course on Evaluation of Design Parameters From Laboratory Tests(1993)
20. Training Course on Construction Quality Control for Sea Dykes(1993)
21. Symposium on Developments in Geotechnical Engineering (From Harvard to New Delhi 1936 – 1994 (1994)
22. International Conference on Deep Foundations and Ground Improvements (1994)
23. Southeast Asian Symposium on Tunnelling and Underground Space Development (1995)
24. International Course on Natural Hazards and Environmental Geotechnics (1995)
25. International Course on Numerical Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering (1996)
26. International Course on Estimation of Design Parameters for Soils and Rocks (1996)
27. International Course on Problematic Soils and Ground Improvement Techniques (1996)
28. International Course on Advanced Geotechnical Analysis (1997)
29. Geotechnical Hazards and Dam Construction (1997)
30. 30th Year Anniversary Symposium on Deep Foundations, Excavations, Ground Improvements and Tunneling, Bangkok, Thailand (1997)
31. Civil and Environmental Engineering Conference New Frontiers & Challenges Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (1999)
32. GeotechYear 2000 Conference, Bangkok, Thailand (2000)
33. Symposium on Soft Ground Improvement and Geosynthetic Applications, 22-23 November, Bangkok, Thailand (2001)
34. International Seminar on Geoenvironmental Engineering: Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sites (2002)
35. International Symposium and ShortCourse on Soil/Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics in Waste Containment Applications (2003)
36. Fourth Regional Symposium on Infrastructure Development in Civil Engineering (RSID4), 3-5 April, Bangkok, Thailand (2003)
36. Au Geo Pile/Beau Drain System and Geosynthetics Applications Seminar (2004)
37. PreConference Short Course on Dam Safety Risk Assessment (2004)
38. 15th Southeast Asian Geotechnical Conference (2004)
39. International Symposium on Tsunami Reconstruction with Geosynthetics (2005)
40. International Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Second Bangkok International Airport (2006)
41. International Symposium on Engineering, Ground Improvement and Geosynthetics for Human Security and Environmental Preservation (2007)
43. International Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering, Ground Improvement, and Geosynthetics for Sustainable Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change including Global Warming (2009) 
42. International Symposium, Exhibition, and Short Course on Geotechnical and Geosynthetics Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities on Climate Change (2010)

18th SEAGC-AGSSEAC-Singapore

18th SEAGC-AGSSEAC: Singapore











9th SEAGC_Bangkok 1987

9th SEAGC: Bangkok 1987

13th SEAGC in Taipei 1997

13th SEAGC in Taipei 1997

30th Anniversary SEAGC in Bangkok

30th Anniversary SEAGC in Bangkok

13th SEAGC in Taipei 1997 2

13th SEAGC in Taipei 1997


5th SEAGC_Bangkok 1977 KL SEAGC-AGSSEAC_2
5th SEAGC: Bangkok 1977  KL SEAGC-AGSSEA



8th SEAGC_KL_1985_2

8th SEAGC: KL: 1985

8th SEAGC_KL_1985

8th SEAGC: KL: 1985


Late Prof. Fukuoka_ 9ARC in Bangkok 1991

Late Prof. Fukuoka: 9ARC In Bangkok 1991

Dr. Parry_9ARC_

Dr. Parry: 9ARC in Bangkok 1991







AGSSEAC Council in Fukuoka 2016

AGSSEAC Council in Fukuoka: 2016












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