Society Journal editors (1970 – present)

The Society Journal is published semiannually and the editorial work is handled by the Division of Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering at AIT. Currently, the editorial work is handled by the staff of the Asian Center for Soil Improvement and Geosynthetics (ACSIG) of AIT.

The editors of the journal are as follows:

1970-1973 Dr. E. W. Brand

1974-1976 Dr.E.W. Brand, Prof.A.S. Balasubramaniam

1977-1978 Dr. E.W. Brand, Dr. V.K. Campbell

1978-1980 Dr. V.K. Campbell

1980-1985 Mr. J.S. Younger

1986-1987 Mr. D R Greenway

1988-1989 Mr. PGD Whiteside

1990-1995 Mr. CAM Franks

1996-2001 Prof. D.T. Bergado

2002- present Dr. N. Phienwej

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