Cyclic Resistance of High Plasticity North Java Clays and Silt

Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA ISSN 0046-5828

Vol. 52 No. 2 June 2021

Cyclic Resistance of High Plasticity North Java Clays and Silt

E. Rismantojo, E. Ginting, and M. Ochoa

ABSTRACT: In an attempt to develop a database of the cyclic resistance of fine-grained soils in Indonesia a series of cyclic triaxial test was performed on fine-grained soils collected from two locations near shore of north Java Island, Indonesia. These samples were classified as fine-grained soils with clay-like behavior and, according to various liquefaction criteria, they are non-liquefiable. Our study used a cyclic triaxial test to apply multistage cyclic axial stresses in a form of sinusoidal stress with a frequency of 1 Hz. All specimens are isotropically consolidated passing their preconsolidation stress in order to achieve a normally consolidated state with OCR of about 1. Our findings suggest that cyclic resistance of North Java clay-like fine-grained soils follows the SHANSEP concept and could be normalized at OCR of 1. At fifteen cycles of uniform sinusoidal loading the tested clay and silt samples have a normalized cyclic strength, ((q_cyc⁄2))⁄(σ_c^’ ), or a cyclic resistance ratio (CRR) of approximately 0.31 and a cyclic strength ratio, ((q_cyc⁄2))⁄s_u , of 0.70.

KEYWORDS: Clay-like behavior, Cyclic resistance ratio, Cyclic strength ratio, Plasticity index, Water content to liquid limit ratio.

DOI: 10.14456/seagj.2021.39