Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA Vol. 47 No. 3 September 2016 ISSN 0046-5828

COVER-FINAL 2016-09 CONTENTS HK+Spore -SEAGS & AGSSEA Vol 47 E-Journal-160810


Editor:  Sing Lok Chiu (Part A: Hong Kong), Tiong Guan Ng (Part B: Singapore) and
Prof. San-Shyan Lin (Part C: Contributed Papers)
Sponsored by: Asian Institute of Technology


Challenges in Improving Slope Safety in Hong Kong through the Landslip Prevention and Mitigation Programme        
By Ken K.S. Ho and Raymond W.M. Cheung

Rock Caverns – Hong Kong’s Hidden Land
By K.C. Ng, K.J. Roberts and Y.K. Ho

The First Subsea TBM Road Tunnel in Hong Kong
By Albert Liu, Stephen Chan, Conrad Ng, Joseph Lo, C. K. Tsang and Dunson Shut

Achievements of and Challenges to the Hong Kong Landslide Risk Management
By Rick CK Tam and Michael MK Chang

Subsea Horizontal Directional Coring (HDC)
By C. K. Tsang, S. F. Chau and Jimmy Chan

7th Lumb lecture 10th October 2012 “Peter Lumb’s legacy, Soil Mechanics = Simple concepts + mathematical processes + lateral thinking”
By John Endicott


Singapore Case Histories on Omission of Strut by Observation Approach For Circle Line and Down Town Line Projects
By David Ng C. C. and Simon Low Y. H.

Vacuum preloading methods: an update
By Jian Chu, Shuwang Yan and Wei Guo

A New Lithostratigraphical Framework Proposed for Singapore
By K.K Lat, K.H Goay, S.G Lau, S.L Chiam and K.C Chew

Economical Design for NSF Piles in Soft Clays using Soil-Structure Interaction
By Siew Ann Tan

Towards a Design Framework for Spatial Variability in Cement Treatment for Underground Construction
By Y. Liu, Y. Jiang and F. H. Lee

Advances and Challenges in Underground Space Use in Singapore
By Y. Zhou and J. Zhao

PART C – Contributed Papers

Effect of Ageing Environment on Fiber-Reinforced Polymer/Granular Interface Shear Behaviour
By H.A. Shaia and H.M. Abuel-Naga

Groundwater Flow Modeling and Slope Stability Analysis for Deepening of Mae Moh Open Pit Lignite Mine
By A.B.N. Dassanayake, N. Phien-wej and P. H. Giao

A Study on Internal Erosion of Low-Plasticity Silty Sand
By Jing-Wen Chen, Bo-Rung Lin, Wei F. Lee and Yie-Ruey Chen

Analysis of Influencing Factors on Brazilian Test Results Based on A Complex-shaped Grain Model for Brittle Rock
By Guangcheng Yang and Xinghua Wang

Effect of Infill Moisture Content and Thickness on Shear Behavior of Planar and Rough Rock Joints
By Tsu-Chiang Cheng, Shuh-Gi Chern, Shin-Ru Wu and Yu-The Lin

Role of Bentonite in Improving the Efficiency of Cement Grouting in Coarse Sand
By T.G. Santhoshkumar, Benny Mathews Abraham, A, Sridharan, and Babu T Jose