ISSMGE Bulletin: Volume 5, Issue 5

IS-Seoul 2011; Fifth International Symposium on Deformation
Characteristics of Geomaterials

This conference took place from September 1st to 3rd, 2011, in Seoul, Korea under the auspices of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE) TC 101 and the Korean Geotechnical Society (KGS). This conference focused mainly on the recent advances in laboratory testing technology, applications of advanced laboratory as well as testing to filed problems, and values of technical developments in practice. This conference attracted 182 paper submissions (including 17 papers published in a special edition of the Soils and Foundations journal) and almost 320 participants from 31 countries. Among many oral presentations, participants were able to enjoy eminent invited lectures as listed below; The 1st Bishop lecture, sponsored by ISSMGE TC101: Prof. Fumio Tatsuoka on Laboratory stress-strain tests for developments in geotechnical engineering research and practice,

Symposium Keynote Lectures:

Prof. Federica Cotecchia on Investigating the influence of microstructure, loading history and fissuring on the clay response,
Prof. Antonia Viana da Fonseca on the Interpretation of conventional and non-conventional laboratory tests for challenging geotechnical problems,
Prof. Kenneth H. Stokoe II on Field evaluation of the effects of stress state, strain amplitude and pore pressure generation on shear moduli of geotechnical and MSW materials,
Prof. Satoru Shibuya on Case study on rainfall-induced behavior of unsaturated soils in natural slopes and reinforced-earth walls,
Prof. Malcolm Bolton on Using centrifuge models to define deformation mechanisms and generate design methods, and
Prof. Richard Finno on Identification of constitutive parameter with field performance data.

Out of many submitted papers, 17 papers were selected and published in Soils and Foundations Journal
(Vol. 51, No. 4, 2011). The main themes of the symposium were as:

1. Experimental investigations from very small strains to beyond failure
2. Behavior, characterization, and modeling of various geomaterials
3. Practical prediction and interpretation of ground response: Field observations and case histories

The symposium started at the early morning of the 1st day of September, with an initiative and passionate opening ceremony. Prof. Hong-Taek Kim (Symposium chairman) and Prof. Yeon-Soo Jang (President of KGS) gave a warm welcoming speech as they greeted over 300 participants. Prof. Hervé Di Benedetto (ISSMGE TC101 Chair; France) and Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov (ISSMGE Vice president for Asia; Kazakhstan) delivered congratulatory addresses on behalf of all members of the ISSMGE.

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