ISSMGE Bulletin: Volume 4, Issue 4

Message from Bulletin

Prof. Ikuo Towhata (
Chief Editor of ISSMGE Bulletin
University of Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Ikuo Towhata - Asian NewsOn behalf of the editing team of the ISSMGE Bulletin, I would express my sincere thanks to readers who have been contributing to the publication of the magazine by submitting articles and sending opinions. Bulletin is a property of the entire ISSMGE family and is open to everybody who wants to submit articles in line with the mission of the society.

In particular, Bulletin wants contributions from readers who want to write about interesting projects, remarkable research outputs, technological developments, and future conferences/symposia.

Because the Bulletin is not a peer-reviewed academic journal, you do not have to be very nervous about detailed writing. You can submit your draft in any format of a WORD file. However, it is important to make the article attractive
and understandable to readers in general. Therefore, the writing skill has to be different from those for academic journals or design codes. Use of nice photographs and illustrations are strongly recommended. Too much discussion on theories should be avoided.

In case you are interested in submitting articles, please make contact with me at towhata@geot.t.u-

Best regards.

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