President Eden Woon at AIT

Dr. Woon has served as Vice-President for Institutional Advancement at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) from 2010-2017. He has been on the Council of the Open University of Hong Kong for the past six years, and has served as member of the Advisory Board of the University of Iowa Business School. In the late-’70s and early-’80s, he was on the Mathematics faculty of the US Air Force Academy for six years, becoming an Associate Professor. Dr. Woon received his BA degree (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Iowa, and his MA, MS, and PhD degrees, all in Mathematics, from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Dr. Woon has also served as Vice President for Starbucks Coffee Company in China, Managing Director of Toys R Us (China), and Managing Director of Li & Fung Group Office in China. He was the CEO of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce from 1997-2006. Prior to that Dr. Woon was Executive Director of the Seattle-based Washington State China Relations Council (1994-1997)

Dear Dr. Woon,

It is a pleasure to welcome you as the ninth President of AIT.

I closely interacted with the past eight Presidents. That was an excellent experience

We had once a Mathematician from Australia, who was at AIT – liked to be a President.

We look forward to your kind contribution: I was on the Committee promoted Worsak from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and then to Professor.

Subin was an Associate Professor when he left AIT in the seventies and re-joined again.

John Nelson is still an old friend and so is Dr Za Chieh Moh– my former early boss at AIT.

Good to have old Photographs.

Kind regards


Dear Members of the AIT Family,

I am extremely honored to have been appointed by the AIT Board of Trustees to be the Ninth President of this prestigious institution. As I said at the Handover Ceremony the other day, former President Worsak has done a great job stabilising AIT at a time of severe difficulty and laying a solid foundation. However, I also said at that ceremony that AIT is at a crossroads, and we need new thinking and tough measures to bring AIT to new heights amidst fierce competition in the changing higher education landscape in the region and the world. On Wednesday, September 5, I will share with you my vision on how to proceed to adjust our positioning by being more innovative and relevant, increasing our value and enhancing our global connections and recognition. I invite you to join me if you can!

There are many challenges ahead of AIT, and I ask for your support as I build a team which will tackle the challenges one by one. It will not be easy and we need to be bold and flexible, but together we can do it! See you soon and look forward to hearing from you at any time!