SOUTHEAST ASIAN CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION IN TUNNELLING AND UNDERGROUND SPACE 2017(SEACETUS2017) Innovation and Sustainable Underground Space Development 18 – 19 April 2017 Dorsett Grand Subang, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

The Tunnelling & Underground Space Technical Division of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM TUSTD) is hosting for the first time the Southeast Asian Conference and Exhibition in Tunnelling and Underground Space (SEACETUS2017) in Subang Jaya, which is approximately 27 km from Kuala Lumpur City Centre. The conference will offer case studies and strategies that demonstrate innovation, skills and best practices, and help delegates understand the technologies and techniques guiding the Tunnelling and Underground Space Development Industry.

Its aims are to promote the sharing of knowledge, experience, skills, ideas and achievements in the designing, financing and contracting as well as construction, operation and maintenance of tunnels and other underground facilities among the ASEAN Countries on an organised basis and with agreed aims. International paper contributions are also welcomed.

The Conference covers:

Tunnelling projects – this includes past and present projects;

Collaboration among researchers, governments, developers, consultants, contractors and specialists tunnel & trenchless contractors;

Standards, legal, social, economic, safety & risk management and related topics on the use of underground space.

This conference is aimed at providing a forum for practising professionals – engineers, consultants, contractors, technologists, researchers, academicians, manufacturers and suppliers to share their experiences, research, studies and views so as to contribute to the advancement of Sustainable Tunnelling and Underground Space Development in general and particularly in Asia. A wide range of high quality scientific and technical papers of International or Regional significance on Tunnelling and Underground Space Development is expected on the following topics:

  • Tunnelling to include process, operation, ventilation and maintenance.
  • Trenchless Technology such as micro-tunnelling, pipe-jacking, directional drilling and rehabilitation.
  • Related areas such as detection and inspection services, robotic development, sewerage services and structural aspects.
  • Safety health environmental quality and legal aspects.
  • Machine development and designs, latest models presentation from manufacturers of tunnelling and related machines.
  • Geotechnical aspects with particular references to tunnelling and underground space development.
  • Research and recent development and progress related to tunnelling & the use of underground space.

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