The International E- Conference on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2015 (registration is free)

Dear All,

Inviting to Participate as a Keynote Expert / Facilitator for the International E- Conference on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2015 (registration is free)

It is indeed a pleasure for the Central Engineering Consultancy Bureau (CECB) to win the award of “World Centre of Excellence on Landslide Disaster Reduction 2014-2017” at the World Landslide Forum 3 on 3rd June 2014 in Beijing, China.

Working towards a successive approach for the future three years, the Centre for Research & Development of CECB has decided to launch an E- Conference scheduled from 24th March – 24th April 2015 (free registration will be commenced from 10th March 2015) under the theme of Developing Model Policy Frameworks, Standards & Guidelines on Landslide Disaster Reduction. As an internationally recognized institution, we believe that it is our duty to establish this global cooperation platform for better understanding of Disaster Risk Management in the world as a whole and provide mitigatory action plans for a better tomorrow.

We would be honored if you would be one of our keynote experts / facilitator in this conference who could inspire the participants from your experience and vast knowledge in the field of Disaster Risk Management.  The Conference deliberations will be on the following themes. Each theme will be discussed for a period of 8-12 days.

Theme A
Developing Conceptual Model Policy Frameworks to Understand Causes, Effects and Mitigations of Landslide Occurrences
Theme B
Implementation of Applicable Guidelines / Teaching Tools to Establish Essential Synergies in Landslide Disaster Phenomena
Theme C
Originate Pertinent Standards for Humanitarian Activities in support of Effective Risk Reduction and Mitigations on Landslide Occurrences

Please find more information regarding the prioritized areas in each theme written in the Project Proposal attached with the letter.

Role of a Keynote Expert:
A keynote expert may upload his/her own documentary efforts (PDF form) related to Landslide Risk Management, which may open up new pathways for the participants to carry out their discussions. It is more effective to share your past experiences on catastrophes and the observed recovery measures. Kindly send us your photograph to be displayed in our web site under the section of keynote experts.

Role of a Facilitator:
Since it is an online conference, a facilitator is an essential role for the continuous existence of an active conference. Our desired audience may vary from different aspects and express their views in an ambiguous manner. In order to prevent the undesirable monotonous flow of a discussion, it is preferred that the facilitator may suggest new themes/ new arrivals and let the user to stay connect with the current topic and preserve a lively discussion.

We would greatly appreciate if you would express your innovative ideas, research interests or report modern technology used in disaster mitigation related to one or more themes mentioned above OR one of your own interested topics related to landslides. The E-conference web site could be viewed now by the following link

The institution wishes to filter the most imperative facts discussed throughout the conference and publish it as a document.

It will be a great inspiration for us if you would participate in this E-conference and kindly aware your coworkers to be a part of a global social event.

The success of this initiative is contingent upon your support.

Thank You.
Yours Sincerely,

A. A. Virajh Dias
Team Leader of WCoE/ E- conference Coordinator

NOTE : Kindly fill the following form and send us to our E-mail or reply to the received E-mail.

Download in PDF formatProject Proposal – E-confo 2015

doc-icon Form for participation as a Key Expert – Facilitator