Dr. John C. Li: 50th Anniversary of SEAGS

Dr. John C. Li_messageMessage from Dr. John C. Li Past-President SEAGS


As a long-time associate with SEAGS and a past-President, it is a genuine pleasure to congratulate all those who are associated with SEAGS over the last 50 years. We now have four living Presidents in Chinese Taipei, compared to one in Thailand, two in Malaysia and two in Singapore. Chinese Taipei is a very strong supporter of SEAGS with other GC members as well. SEAGS is unique in uniting geotechnical professionals across borders to become a very active and coherent group under ISSMGE.

I always believe that the underlining lesson to respect the mother nature is the real source of intrinsic humbleness of our profession, that has made us acknowledge we are limited and willing to work with others.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the colleagues at SEAGS for their long-term support, especially the frequent guidance from Dr. Za-chieh Moh and the endless endeavour of Dr. Balasubramaniam, that are essential to make SEAGS sustainable.

After so many years of successful operation, SEAGS has now blended very nicely with AGSSEA. We look forward to see this new ensemble carry on the glorious heritage of SEAGS and keep us united.

Happy Birthday SEAGS!