Dr. Dong-Hyun, Kim: SEAGS 50th Anniversary Lecturer

Lecture Titled: Applications of Image Processing to Rock Slope Engineering

Dong-Hyun, Kim

As a PhD and a published researcher, engineering award recipient Dong-Hyun boasts a career of exceptional achievement in civil engineering spanning over 20 years. Joining ESCO Consultant & Engineers Co., Ltd. in Korea as an engineer in 1997, Dong-Hyun successfully delivered geo-structural designs, numerical analysis, soft ground improvement to establish as successful career as an engineer. Since 2011, Dong-Hyun’s academic career has been built in Griffith University, Australia. The topic of his doctoral research was on the application of photogrammetry in rock engineering.

Dong-Hyun has collaborated with higher education institutions and organisations including the CSIRO and Engineers Australia to contribute to research, industry publications, technical presentations, workshops and conferences. As a leading geotechnical & geological engineering researcher, Dong-Hyun has also peer-reviewed and delivered numerous successful conference publications relating to: geotechnical engineering; rock mechanics; photogrammetry; and advances in geotechnical infrastructure.