ISSMGE Bulletin: Volume 6, Issue 5

Message to ISSMGE Members

Prof. Kyriazis Pitilakis, TC203 (Earthquake) Chairman

vol.6-5 p.1-11It is a pleasure, through this short article in the Bulletin to provide members of the ISSMGE some insight into the activities of the technical committee “Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Associated Problems” (TC 203).

The Technical Committee TC203 (ex TC-4) on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Associated Problems started up in 1985, reflecting the increasing need and interest of earthquake engineering among the geotechnical engineering community. Professor Kenji Ishihara was the first
chairman, followed by Professor Pedro Seco e Pinto, Professor Liam Finn, Professor Takaji Kokusho and Professor Atilla Ansal (co-chairman). For more than 25 years TC203 has provided the main forum for ISSMGE members in the area of earthquake geotechnical engineering and made significant contributions in responding to the needs and challenges posed by the major earthquakes.

Following the restructuring of ISSMGE and its committees for the current period 2009-2013, the organization scheme of the TC203 is the following: Chairperson: Professor Kyriazis Pitilakis (GR), Vice-chairperson: Professor Ross Boulanger (USA), Secretary: Assistant Professor Anastasios Anastasiadis (GR). The Technical Committee has today 63 members from 32 countries throughout the world, representing academia, consulting and construction industry. It covers a wide spectrum of earthquake-associated geotechnical problems, without neglecting more general topics associated with earthquake engineering, engineering seismology, risk assessment and management. Plenary meetings are organized during the International Conferences, normally every two years.

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