Prof. Jian Hua Yin: SEAGS 50th Anniversary Lecturer

Lecture Titled: A New Simplified Hypothesis B Method for Calculating Consolidation Settlements of Multiple Layers of Clayey Soils with Creep

12-Jian Hua Yin-2018

Professor Yin received a BEng degree in 1983 in Chinese Mainland, an MSc degree from Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1984, and a PhD from The University of Manitoba, Canada in 1990.  Dr Yin has a mix of industrial and academic experiences. He joined Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1995 as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to an Associate Professor position in 1999, to a Professor position in 2002, and recently to the position of Chair Professor of Soil Mechanics in 2014. Professor Yin has a good track record in research and has played a leading role in development of advanced soil testing equipment, innovative fiber optical sensors, establishing a large-scale multi-purpose physical modeling facility for studying geo-hazards, organization of regional and international conferences.  His research interests include (i) testing study of properties and behaviour of soils, (ii) elastic visco-plastic modeling, (iii) soft soil improvement, (iv) soil nails and slope analysis, (v) development and applications fiber optical sensors, (vi) soil-structure interface, and (vii) development of advanced/special lab test apparatus. Currently, Professor Yin serves as a Vice-President of International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), Co-Editor of International Journal of Geomechanics, Co-Editor of Geomechanics and Geoengineering, and Associate Editor of Canadian Geotechnical Journal.  He has received the honours of the prestigious “JOHN BOOKER Medal” in 2008, “Chandra S. Desai Excellence Award” in 2011 from IACMAG, and delivering the high-status 2011 “Huang Wenxi Lecture” in Chinese Mainland.