A Study on Behaviour of Vertical Pile in Sand under Uplift Load

Geotechnical Engineering Journal of the SEAGS & AGSSEA ISSN 0046-5828

Vol. 49 No.3 September 2018

A Study on Behaviour of Vertical Pile in Sand under Uplift Load
By R. Saravanan and P.D. Arumairaj

ABSTRACT: The significant design parameter for supporting the piles and the ground anchors for tension loads and compressive loads is shaft resistance. Steel pipe piles often mentioned as cylindrical piles are used often in offshore projects and in harbor structures. Since the end condition of the cylindrical piles (open and closed end) plays a significant change in the shaft capacity of the pile, an experimental study is proposed to predict the load displacement characteristics of single vertical pile subjected to uplift load. The pile is embedded in sand with varying relative densities. The analytical study was developed based on the failure mechanism from limit equilibrium technique. The present study takes into account of significant parameters such as length, diameter and as surface characteristics of pile. The axial load-displacement behavior of vertical pile is studied under the different length to diameter (L/d) ratio which is adopted for the experimental analysis. The uplift co-efficient (Ku) is evaluated by using ultimate uplift capacity load. The obtained experimental results were compared with the reported data to elucidate the significance of the work done.

ABSTRACT: Uplift coefficient, Load-displacement response, Soil-pile interface reaction, Load transfer mechanism, Internal friction angle.