Professor Askar Zhussupbekov: SEAGS 50th Anniversary Lecturer

Lecture Titled: Piling Designing, Installation and Testing on Problematical Soil Ground of Kazakhstan


Askar Zhussupbekov was born in 1955 at Agatan, Uralsk prefecture (Kazakhstan). He received his Diploma of Civil Engineering (1977) from Saint-Petersburg State Architectural and Civil Engineering University (SPBGASU), Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and his Dr. Ph. Degree (1985) from SPBGASU, and his Doctor of Science degree (1996) from Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda, Kazakhstan). He was employed by Department of Civil Engineering of Karaganda State Industrial University, where he became Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at 1987, and also First vice-rector of this University (1999).  In 2000, he was elected as Professor of Department of Civil Engineering of Eurasian National University (ENU), Astana, Kazakhstan. He was appointed Director of Geotechnical Institute of ENU, Astana, Kazakhstan (2003). In 2009, Askar Zhussupbekov was elected to the rank of Head of Department of Civil Engineering of ENU. At 2011-2012 he was visiting Professor   of Columbia University, New York (USA), and 2012-2013 was as inviting Professor of Columbia University.

The main field of expertise of Askar Zhussupbekov is geotechnical engineering (piling and deep foundations), geomonitoring, undermining soil ground, disaster prevention and reduction, in situ testing. He carries out theoretical and experimental research, as well as consulting work for civil and geotechnical projects at new capital Astana (Kazakhstan), West Kazakhstan (Caspean Sea area), Almaty (old capital of Kazakhstan), Saint-Petersburg, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Russia).

He is a scientific consultant on piling works of such projects as the second generation plant and  in Tengiz (Caspean Sea coast) and Karabotan , Kashagan (Atyrau), where the clients are PFD company (USA), AGIP (Italy); the International Airport Project in Astana( new capital), the clients are Asian Pacific (Japan) and Alsim Alarko (Turkey); Buildings for the USA Embassy, the client is Fluor Caspean Services, Ltd (USA) and other Mega Projects on problematical soil ground of Kazakhstan, like as EXPO 2017, Abu-Dhabi Plaza (Astana).

Starting in 2005,  Askar Zhussupbekov has  been, appointed as core member of TC305 “Geotechnical Infrastructure of Mega cities and new capitals”.  He organized several workshops at Eurasian National University related with this TC-305 activity. He is also active member of TC-4, ATC-3, ATC-19, RSSMGE, IALT, GI, DGGS and IGS. He has been supervised more than 30 Dr. Ph. dissertations and 6 Dr. Engineering dissertations (included foreign students from Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Cambodia, Tajikistan, Mongolia, Russia).

Askar Zhussupbekov has been extensively traveled to deliver the invited lectures regarding on the geotechnical problems with soft soil ground in different universities and companies all over the world. He has published more then 330 scientific papers including 3 books on Geotechnical Engineering.  He organized several international geotechnical conferences at Astana (1997, 2000, 2001, 2005), Atyrau, 2003 (Kazakhstan), Saint-Petersburg, 2003 (Russia), Samarkand, 2003 (Uzbekistan), Tokyo, 2003, (Japan), Almaty, 2004 (Kazakhstan), Dushanbe, 2005 (Tajikistan), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, 2007 (Russia), Harbin, 2009  (China), Moscow, 2010 (Russia),  Hong Kong, 2011 (China), Bandung, 2012 (Indonesia), New York, 2013 (USA), Chennai, 2015 (India) and in other countries.

He was Vice-President of ISSMGE for Asia since 2010-2013. Prof. Askar Zhussupbekov  organized 8AYGEC in Astana at August, 2017, Kazakhstan. Now he is Charman   of   TC305 «Geotechnical Infrastructure for Megacities and New Capitals» of ISSMGE and President of Kazakhstan Geotechnical Society.